"Like all first time parents, we came home from the hospital with a newborn and no idea what we were doing. Claudia arrived at our house like Mary Poppins, cooking wonderful food for us — helping Chrysta hasten her milk supply with rich and tasty broths, tending to our little one, and generally putting our tired, happy family at ease." 

Chrysta and Nick


“We had twins and tried to do everything ourselves for a month. It was a month of breast feeding, bottle feeding, pumping and changing every hour and a half. We slept about 45 minutes every three hours. We had no time to go to market and no time or energy to cook. It almost destroyed us. We were going down the rabbit hole quickly.

Then we met Claudia. She came into our lives and everything changed. Her serene and soothing energy, patience and knowledge began to turn us into human beings again. She would guide, help and teach us everything we needed to know about bringing up newborns. Our babies fell in love with her and would light up every time they saw her. We counted the hours until she would come back. She would come over and cook the most delicious and healthy food-not just a meal but always enough to freeze as well for later. She made everything according to our vegan diets and even made the most fantastic vegan desserts. We lived on her food for months. Then she would help us bathe them and sometimes even give them massages after their bath. We made it through the roughest time because of her. She literally saved us. I can't say enough to convey the gratitude and love we have for Claudia.” 

Carolyn and Leland


"Having Claudia come to our home postpartum was the greatest and most thoughtful gift that we received. All of the food she lovingly prepared was both nutritious and yummy! The real gift was that having Claudia's delicious food in the fridge allowed me to take better care of myself and to spend more time with our baby or just resting instead of worrying about what to make for dinner. My time spent with Claudia was both energizing and restorative.  Her knowledge of babies is extensive and her reassurance gave me confidence as a new mother something for which I will always be grateful. I would whole-heartedly and enthusiastically recommend Claudia as a postpartum doula and chef to anyone." 

Anna Gilbert Zupon


"There are not enough words to express how valuable Claudia was to our postpartum care. 

Her food fed us in a way that made us feel so incredibly taken care of. It was so delicious and beautifully packaged, you could tell she cooks with so much love. We loved her so much that we gifted some of her services to my bestie for her postpartum, and my bestie had the same magical experience we did. If I were to have another child, I couldn’t do it without knowing that Claudia would take care of us. To say we are grateful to Claudia for her meals and deep conversations during our postpartum is an understatement. 


Bianca and Ivy 



“Claudia felt more like a beloved family member than anything else. Her presence is strong and knowledgeable yet caring and comforting. She fed our family, loved on our toddler, listened to my concerns about the new baby and offered me many suggestions for my own path to healing and taking the necessary steps for rest post birth. I got to where I would look forward to her next visit as soon as she would leave and any dark days I had were immediately lifted by her presence. I should also mention, her food is exquisite- I love to cook, but 7 months later and my husband still says he would give anything for a meal from Claudia. Not only did she nourish our bodies, but an equally important part of the new mom and new family, our souls. She is one of a kind.” 

Evelyn and Ryan


"I was looking for someone to relieve me of a task but what I found was someone who inspired me to appreciate food and better understand the transformative effect that feeding people can have on a family. The recipes are not complicated and the result is very satisfying.

By working side by side, talking about how to do something, Claudia teaches all of us, my kids, my mother, my husband, our household helpers, guests who are here when she’s here cooking, everyone… how cooking together is fun and therapeutic for whatever needs adjusting in the family dynamic."

Patricia Lombard



“I love throwing a good dinner party.  But for our 20th anniversary I knew I needed help to turn something good into something magical.  For that I had Claudia who came with ideas and samples for the menu, table setting, dishes…everything!  The party was an intimate backyard sit-down affair with our best friends and amazing food.  A night to remember.   Thank you, Claudia!” 

Alina and George


“Claudia's food style is classic with a fresh seasonal twist. She is a packaging consigliere!" 

Lela Buttery, Venice Cafe Owner



"I have employed Claudia as a Private Chef and Event Specialist for my family for over two years. While Claudia conceptualized, prepared and staffed the kitchen, she was able to coordinate and team up with our Personal Assistant in organizing private fundraising events and parties for my wife and I. She possesses exquisite attention to detail, especially when it comes to presentation, while maintaining a rigorous standard for preparation and cleanliness. She creates farm-to-table menus that please a wide variety of palates. Claudia also prepared menus for my family that required dietary needs on a daily basis.

Claudia has a true passion for the craft. I cannot even count the number of compliments we have received on her food and presentation." 

Ed O'Neill



"Claudia and I first met in the year 2000.  We shared the same client and happily worked together for a few years and stayed friends ever since. It’s been a pleasure collaborating on various events these past 15 years with Claudia.  Her expertise and knowledge of food is spot on. I have learned so much from her and continue to enjoy and take in all her knowledge on wellness.  If you’re looking for a professional to guide you into all things HEALTHY - she is your WELLNESS GAL."

Brigitta Y. Carlsson, Creative Director of Brigitta's Event & Floral Design


"We absolutely loved Claudia and her cooking. She is a pleasure to have in your home and her culinary skills are outstanding.  The food she prepares is delicious and healthy. She can prepare anything her client’s want-- even down to gluten free! Everything is yummy!!!"

The Johnson family


"Claudia is simply a culinary master who applies love, superb taste and artistry in her every creation. A festival for the eyes and palate, Claudia's refined, fresh and healthy menu of vegan, vegetarian, sweet and savory inspired bites delighted each of our 100 guests. Where many gala fundraising events find guests wishing they had better food, ours had people happily asking where and when they could experience more of Claudia's offerings. Not one bite remained! Thank you Claudia for sharing your love and your culinary gifts with us. Everyone should be as fortunate."

Jane Mirshak, Executive Director Naam Yoga LA Healing and Research Center